Roseberry Wood Creations is a relatively new company which constructs and restores 18th century furnishings using traditional 18th century craftsmanship-working the wood by hand using hand tools, and employing the techniques and knowledge that have been passed down from master craftsmen to apprentice, and from generation to generation. These artisans had great respect for the materials that they used and they worked with the wood versus working on the wood. The knowledge of the craft has all but disappeared since the introduction of the industrial era.

The craftsmen began working in larger furniture companies which were more concerned with volume than quality and paid little concern to the construction and assembly of the piece, much less the use of tenons, mortices, dovetails and otherjoining techniques. They chose instead nails and staples. The advantage of using traditional joining techniques is obvious in the long life span of antique furniture that is still in use as it is both solid and durable.


Since the company uses methods of construction of the era, it is possible for the artisan to assemble furniture in ways that would be impossible with modem electric tools without incurring great costs which would not be cost effective. Currently, almost everything is constructed mechanically and the wood (fiber board) is covered with plastics and other textiles which tend to weaken and kill the wood.


The company plans to target and exploit the niche markets that it has identified-interior designers, interior decorators, heritage home owners, antique restorers and brokers, retail stores and owners, as well as continuing the tradition of creating, custom made pieces for private clients. The company plans to become the leader in the province while at the same time exclusively dealing in antiques. To compare Roseberry Wood Designs to modem manufacturers would be comparing apples to oranges as we have a definite target base -the discerning person who appreciates antique craftsmanship versus modem construction and assembly line style manufactured furniture.

The company plans to, generate high quality furniture and will eventually create employment of persons interested in undertaking an apprenticeship in 18th century wood working and restoration. Contact us today.